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Directional Solid

Directional Solid

SKU: Dir Solid

The TahoeLab Directional shape is designed to shred every inch of the mountain, from hidden pow stashes to steep chutes or just racing your friends back to the bottom. A hard charging board that can handle everything you could throw at it.The tapered shape and setback stance provide excellent flotation in soft snow and the short tail makes the board very maneuverable in tight trees or chutes.

  • Construction

    This snowboard has our traditional layup with two full sheets of carbon fiber and two full sheets of triaxial fiberglass

  • Warranty Policy

    All TahoeLab snowboards come with a two year warranty against manufacturer defects. 

  • Shipping info

    We offer free ground shipping within the contiguous 48 states for all orders over $500. You will be notified when your order ships out, usually whithin 5 days of placing your order. 

  • Tech Specs 143D

    Waist Width: 230  

    Nose Width: 280mm

    Tail Width: 255mm

    Taper: 25mm

    Sidecut Radius: 7.2m

    Stance Width: 14.5-19.5"

    Stance Setback: 40mm

    Running Length: 99cm

    Rider Weight: 90-150lbs

  • Tech Specs 148D

    Waist Width: 239mm

    Nose Width: 278mm

    Tail Width: 272mm

    Taper: 6mm

    Sidecut Radius: 7.3m

    Stance Width: 17.5-21.5"

    Stance Setback: 30mm

    Running Length: 102cm

    Rider Weight: 100-160lbs

  • Tech Specs 153D

    Waist Width: 257mm

    Nose Width: 297mm

    Tail Width: 290mm

    Taper: 7mm

    Sidecut Radius: 7.5m

    Stance Width: 19-23.5"

    Stance Setback: 20mm

    Running Length: 104.5cm

    Rider Weight: 140-180lbs

  • Tech Specs 158D, Wide

    Waist Width: 253mm, 261mm

    Nose Width: 295mm, 303mm

    Tail Width: 288mm, 296mm

    Taper: 7mm

    Sidecut Radius: 7.8m

    Stance Width: 20-24.5"

    Stance Setback: 20mm

    Running Length: 104cm

    Rider Weight: 140-180, 145-200lbs

  • Tech Specs 163D, Wide

    Waist Width: 259mm, 272mm

    Nose Width: 303mm, 316mm

    Tail Width: 297mm, 310mm

    Taper: 6mm

    Sidecut Radius: 8m

    Stance Width: 21.5-25.5"

    Stance Setback: 20mm

    Running Length: 114cm

    Rider Weight: 160-220, 165lbs+

  • Tech Specs 168D

    Waist Width: 268mm

    Nose Width: 315mm

    Tail Width: 302mm

    Taper: 13mm

    Sidecut Radius: 8.7m

    Stance Width: 23-27.5"

    Stance Setback: 20mm

    Running Length: 117cm

    Rider Weight:170lbs+

  • Tech Specs 180D

    Waist Width: 276mm

    Nose Width: 321mm

    Tail Width: 311mm

    Taper: 10mm

    Sidecut Radius: 9.5m

    Stance Width: 25-30.5"

    Stance Setback: 25mm

    Running Length: 128cm

    Rider Weight: 190lbs+

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