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Twin Split

Twin Split

SKU: Twin Split

The TahoeLab Twin Split has a true twin sidecut and stance. It also features twin camber between the bindings and twin rocker at the tip and tail.


True twin shapes for playful, switch riding and more power when finishing a turn.


  • TahoeLab Twin Split

    This splitboard has our regular lauyp with two full sheets of carbon fiber and two full sheets of triaxial fiberglass

  • Warranty Policy

    All TahoeLab traditional construction splitboards come with a two year warranty against manufacturer defects

  • Shipping info

    We offer free ground shipping within the contiguous 48 states for all orders over $500. You will be notified when your order ships out, usually whithin 5 days of placing your order.

  • Tech Specs 148T

    Waist Width: 245mm

    Nose Width: 285mm

    Tail Width: 285mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Radius: 7.5m

    Stance Width: 17-21.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 94cm

    Effective Edge: 114cm

    Rider Weight: 100-160lbs

  • Tech Specs 153T

    Waist Width: 255mm

    Nose Width: 296mm

    Tail Width: 296mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Radius: 7.8m

    Stance Width: 19-23.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 98.5cm

    Effective Edge: 119 cm

    Rider Weight: 120-180lbs

  • Tech Specs 158T

    Waist Width: 260mm

    Nose Width: 302mm

    Tail Width: 302mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Radius: 8m

    Stance Width: 20-24.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 103cm

    Effective Edge: 124cm

    Rider Weight: 140-200lbs

  • Tech Specs 163T

    Waist Width: 267mm

    Nose Width: 310mm

    Tail Width: 310mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Radius: 8.7m

    Stance Width: 20-24.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 108cm

    Effective Edge: 128cm

    Rider Weight: 150-220lbs

  • Tech Specs 168T

    Waist Width: 273mm

    Nose Width: 317mm

    Tail Width: 317mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Radius: 9mm

    Stance Width: 23-27.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 112cm

    Effective Edge: 133cm

    Rider Weight: 165-240lbs

  • Tech Specs 173T

    Waist Width: 278mm

    Nose Width: 324mm

    Tail Width: 324mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Rad ius: 9.3m

    Stance Width: 26-30.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 116cm

    Effective Edge: 137cm

    Rider Weight: 170lbs+

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