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Twin Split Phantom

Twin Split Phantom

SKU: Twin Split Phantom

True twin shapes for playful, switch riding and more power when finishing a turn.


Camber profile: Rocker in tip and tail with traditional camber between the bindings


Flex rating: 8/10

  • Twin Phantom Splitboard

    This Splitboard has our Phantom layup which uses four full sheets of carbon fiber for a light and responsive board

  • Warranty Policy

    All TahoeLab Phantom Splitboards come with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects


    We offer free ground shipping within the contiguous 48 states for all orders over $500. You will be notified when your order ships out, usually whithin 5 days of placing your order.

  • Tech Specs 148T

    Waist Width: 245mm

    Nose Width: 285mm

    Tail Width: 285mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Radius: 7.5m

    Stance Width: 17-21.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 94cm

    Effective Edge: 114cm

    Rider Weight: 100-160lbs

  • Tech Specs 153T

    Waist Width: 255mm

    Nose Width: 296mm

    Tail Width: 296mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Radius: 7.8m

    Stance Width: 19-23.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 98.5cm

    Effective Edge: 119 cm

    Rider Weight: 120-180lbs

  • Tech Specs 158T

    Waist Width: 260mm

    Nose Width: 302mm

    Tail Width: 302mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Radius: 8m

    Stance Width: 20-24.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 103cm

    Effective Edge: 124cm

    Rider Weight: 140-200lbs

  • Tech Specs 163T

    Waist Width: 267mm

    Nose Width: 310mm

    Tail Width: 310mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Radius: 8.7m

    Stance Width: 20-24.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 108cm

    Effective Edge: 128cm

    Rider Weight: 150-220lbs

  • Tech Specs 168T

    Waist Width: 273mm

    Nose Width: 317mm

    Tail Width: 317mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Radius: 9mm

    Stance Width: 23-27.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 112cm

    Effective Edge: 133cm

    Rider Weight: 165-240lbs

  • Tech Specs 173T

    Waist Width: 278mm

    Nose Width: 324mm

    Tail Width: 324mm

    Taper: 0mm

    Sidecut Rad ius: 9.3m

    Stance Width: 26-30.5"

    Stance Setback: 0mm

    Running Length: 116cm

    Effective Edge: 137cm

    Rider Weight: 170lbs+

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