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Lake Tahoe

"We spend all of our energy and resources trying to build the best snowboards and splitboards we can"
- Lee Collins

With a combined total of over 50 years riding experience and accompanied by engineering and business degrees, Lee Collins and Abe Greenspan are knowledgeable and passionate about building durable products that RIP.

These boys put their gear through the toughest challenges snowboarding has to offer.


TahoeLab was founded after continual gear malfunctions and the realization that most boards just don't RIP. They decided to take matters into their own hands. Abe and Lee of TahoeLab have extensive technical backgrounds in snowboard manufacturing and tuning. Their race and freeride backgrounds aid in creating a product that is tried and truly top of the line.

"All of our boards are available in Solid or Split configuration. We are committed to giving riders maximum choices when it comes to choosing a board style. Many companies only make one or two split models and force riders to ride different shapes in the backcountry then they do at resort. At TahoeLab we give riders the ability to ride the same board in and out of bounds.

From the beginning, we started TahoeLab to make the boards we wanted to ride and have complete control of the process. Not to make a bottom line or become another snowboard based marketing company. It's pretty obvious that marketing isn't our strong suit. We spend all of our energy and resources trying to build the best snowboards and splitboards we can and have faith that if we build a quality product it will speak for itself. We build all of our boards from start to finish in-house because that gives us the freedom to make exactly what we want. It also gives us the flexibility to test our new designs, we live in the mountains and we ride every day. Having our own production facility also allows us to produce boards when needed, if we run out of a specific size we can make more in a week or two instead of waiting for another production run to show up from overseas. We also have the ability to do custom work for customers that are interested."

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